There is a common misconception that writing protection insurance takes up a lot of time. And when you are busy writing mortgages, you might not be able to dedicate your time to it.

This would be a shame since your client could miss out on valuable insurance to protect their new mortgage. And you could be missing out on a new income stream.

Our Mortgage Protector Plan might change your mind

It’s a simple plan that is quick and easy to set-up, yet provides arguably the most important insurance out there for someone who has just taken out a new mortgage.

It protects the monthly payments that they have just signed up for, so if they can’t work due to accident or sickness, they’ll still be able to honour their mortgage commitments and keep their home.

That’s got to be an essential consideration for anyone with a new mortgage.

How we are different from the rest

  • Obtaining a quote and submitting a plan only takes a few minutes
  • There are no medical questions and acceptance is guaranteed (subject to basic eligibility criteria)

So if you didn’t think that you have time to promote insurance to your clients – we would urge you to think again and give our Mortgage Protector plan a try.

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