At British Friendly, we have recently added two new features to our proposition to help us better support your clients.

The first change we’ve made is to our discretionary Death and Bereavement benefits, enhancing both by offering the choice of advance payment in the form of a Terminal Illness benefit.

This benefit provides your clients with a lump sum if they or their partner/spouse or child is diagnosed with a terminal illness, replacing Death or Bereavement benefit and helping enhance the support we can offer your clients in difficult times with the choice of an early payment.

Secondly, we have answered an industry call by adding the option for your client’s Income Protection payments to be paid directly to their mortgage lender. This makes sure that the weekly benefit we provide to your clients does not reduce their entitlement to Universal Credit.

Gavin’s Bereavement Benefit

We are also proud to unveil our new case study series: Gavin’s Story. Gavin is a British Friendly member who had his world turned upside down when he was signed off work due to stress after his wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

In this new video Gavin describes in his own words how we helped him and young family through this incredibly difficult time by providing him an additional Bereavement Benefit payment after his claim. Watch this video here.

This video is part of a new series focusing on Gavin’s experience with us so keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media for the next in the series!

To find out more about these changes and watch the other videos in the Gavin’s Story series, visit our website here