We’re always looking to improve our online quote and apply journey to make it easier for you to arrange cover for your clients. Based on feedback we’ve received, we’ve made a number of new improvements to help better support you in the future.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve improved based on your feedback…

  • Increased flexibility around who receives a copy of your client’s personal illustration
  • Added flexibility to show your clients premiums for a range of years or for the whole life of their policy
  • A quote reference that carries through to the application allowing you to check easily that quote matches the application
  • Added the total claims benefit your client could receive per claim
  • The password reset gremlins have been fixed

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We’ve also added new sales tools to our adviser toolkit, to helping you calculate…

  • Your clients’ premiums over time
  • The benefits of age-costed premiums vs level
  • Split-deferred options
  • The potential benefit your clients could receive for a single claim on their policy

Click here to explore these new sales tools and many others on our adviser toolkit.

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For more information on any of these changes, simply get in touch with our Sales Team using the details below.