When it comes to a personal dedicated approach to Underwriting, Cirencester Friendly’s Underwriting Department are one of the best, with over 75 years of experience between them.

In an era where we’ve seen a big move towards automated underwriting, our Underwriters have maintained their individual approach. As a consequence, an applicant’s details are not simply fed into a machine to churn out a ‘take it or leave it’ offer. Instead we adopt a holistic approach with individual consideration given to each applicant and their circumstances. That way, we can establish the most appropriate cover in both pricing and terms.

With the ability to speak to an Underwriter and obtaining a decision in principle, before submitting an application allows you as Financial Advisers to save time and prepare your clients for any expected outcomes without the hassle of submitting the application beforehand. This can be done via calling our Underwriting Department, or using our online chat tool ‘Ask an Underwriter

So, why not see for yourself? Contact our Underwriters today on 0800 587 5089 to discuss any potential applicants!

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