Raising the subject of death and funerals in a client meeting can seem like a bit of a ‘downer’. But, in reality, it’s no more difficult than bringing up the topic of life cover.

If you focus on the benefits to your client and their family, it’s easy to see the positive outcomes and the peace of mind a funeral plan offers. And that’s something everyone can be happy about.

The fact is, if you avoid mentioning funeral planning, you may be leaving a ‘gap’ in your client’s financial security.

So, put a smile on your client’s face by making sure they’re covered – and start the conversation today.

We know you’re busy, so we keep everything as easy and straightforward as possible. Our simple plan application can be completed in paper format or if you prefer electronically and submitted to us via a portal meaning your clients will receive their plan documents quicker.

Golden Charter is a trusted funeral plan provider for a reason

First and foremost, we’re owned by independent funeral directors across the UK. These are genuinely local businesses, with roots in the community and a reputation for service and support. This means you and your family receive local, personal service when it matters most.

We believe our plans also offer value for money and choice. And crucially, they are priced to provide the certainty that your clients will receive the funeral they want, carried out with no compromise on service and quality. Their payments are protected and – once the plan is paid for* – they are guaranteed to cover the funeral director’s services within the plan, with nothing more for your family to pay for these services.

To find out more about becoming a Golden Charter Intermediary and how we can help you sell our plans effectively and sensitively, call us today on 0800 171 2141 or click on one of the links below for more information:

Download our intermediary brochure here.

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  • Our Support – find out more about the support we give you as an intermediary
  • Our Funeral Directors – find out more about our funeral director network