Rate Reduction 17th December 2018 for Flexible Lifetime Mortgage and Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage.

  • Flexible Lifetime Mortgage*
    • Was 4.35%(MER)/4.44%(AER)
    • New rate 4.26%(MER)/4.34%(AER)
  • Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage
    • Was 4.16%(MER)/4.24%(AER)
    • New rate 4.06%(MER)/4.14%(AER)

We’re lowering rates for our Flexible and Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgages as of Monday 17th December.

Any new business received on or after 17th December will be updated to reflect new rates/commission. Offers generated on or after 17th December will automatically be updated to the new rates/commission.

If cases are at legal stage and you wish to make any amendments please contact us on 0800 731 4076 as this can only be done by request. Please note this may cause a slight delay in completion.

*Standard commission will also change for Flexi from 2% plus 0.10% of facility paid up front, to 2% plus 0.25% of facility paid up front.