Legal & General’s research shows that Britain’s four biggest critical illnesses take more than £15bn a year out of the UK economy.

The numbers speak for themselves

  • Cancer – £9.3bn
  • Coronary Heart Disease – £2.8bn
  • Strokes – £1.9bn
  • Multiple Sclerosis – £1.1bn

The long-term effects of Critical Illness

Cancer’s largest impact comes from premature death (£5.2bn), but more than a fifth of the financial impact (around £2.1bn) is linked to employees still in work but being affected by things like fatigue and post-traumatic stress.[1] Then take MS. Although less common in the UK workforce, it has a £1.14bn impact on the economy. It also has potential to cause up to £8,000 in lost earnings in the years following diagnosis.[1]

Read the full article here, take a look at our ‘The impact of critical illnesses’ infographic.

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[1] The impact of critical illnesses on the UK economy, Cebr, p.9