Traditionally, insurance premiums have been determined upfront, based on the risk known to the insurer. In 2013, VitalityLife changed this model in the UK when they launched Vitality Optimiser.

Since then, they have launched a more advanced Optimiser, Wellness Optimiser. Now three out of every four new VitalityLife plans are sold with an Optimiser.

VitalityLife haven’t stopped there, October welcomed the launch of the new Optimiser Underwriting.

Clients applying for Vitality and Wellness Optimisers will be eligible for a unique, speedy customer journey: an additional way in which VitalityLife are giving value back to advisers and their clients.

Not only does Optimiser Underwriting reduce upfront underwriting to just five medical questions in total for Life and Serious Illness Cover applications but it also covers a broad range of applications so that 90% of all current Optimiser applications would be eligible for this benefit.


  • NO IMPACT ON PREMIUMS – clients using Optimiser Underwriting will be eligible for our standard market premiums
  • SPEEDIER – 5 medical questions, which means applications can be completed in 5 minutes
  • INCLUSIVE – We expect 90% of all Optimiser applications will be eligible for Optimiser Underwriting
  • DYNAMIC – Where a disclosure is made, additional questions will appear in the process for the applicant to complete. Straight through processing, with or without rated terms is still possible

For more information on how Optimiser Underwriting works visit the adviser webpage or alternatively, download VitalityLife’s Healthy Living Brochure, a guide to Vitality Optimiser and Wellness Optimiser.