To give you more information and transparency around your individual GI performance, your unique Adviser Hub dashboard now provides even more information about your GI business.

You can now see a breakdown of the products which make up your GI book, the number of live policies and the average life and cost of existing policies.

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Place pending policies on risk without needing to call us

Save time when placing a pending policy on risk by providing us with any outstanding information directly through your Adviser Hub dashboard without the need to call us.

Your dashboard displays your oldest pending policies. Simply find the policy you want to put on risk, press ‘Start Policy’ and enter the missing information needed then and there.

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Update an expired quote with just a few clicks

It’s now quicker and easier to provide your client with an updated quote for their insurance (without having to re-key all of their information) thanks to the new ‘Expired Quotes’ section within Adviser Hub.

Simply click the quote reference or the requote button in order to check all the client details and make any amends.

Once you’re ready, press the requote button and voila! You’ll have a new quote from our panel of cherry picked insurers.

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