TFC have some great exclusives that we would like to remind members of The Right Mortgage about. Remember you can only get these through selected packagers and are not often listed on the lenders own systems. Don’t miss a trick!

  • Residential 2 Year Fixed Exclusive – Revolving credit missed payments and secure arrears considered
  • 95% LTV Residential Exclusive – Self-employed and adverse considered as well as up to 100% bonus income
  • Bridging Exclusive – Unmortgageable and non-standard property considered up to 75% LTV
  • Residential exclusive – 12 months discharged bankruptcy, IVAs cleared on completion, up to 75% of benefit income accepted

These are just a select few of the exclusives we have with our lenders. Find out more

Magellan January Sale

The January Sale from Magellan is available now at TFC Homeloans. Fixed rates have been slashed by up to 2.5% across their credit repair and up to 0.40% on their selected near prime products.

Standard administration and valuation fees have also been cut by up to 50%. Like it says on the tin though, this will only apply to application received by the end of January 2019.

In the same breath, Magellan has also launched a prime range. Products include two-year fixed rates from at 2.74% and five-year fixes from 3.39%, available up to 90% LTV with fee-free options and a maximum term of 40 years. Send us your DIPs now to see if we can help.