Life insurance is the most popular of all protection products, yet if one of your clients has Type 2 diabetes or a high BMI it can be difficult to get them the cover they need.

That’s where Managed Life comes in. It’s specialist cover for these two growing customer groups that rewards clients who make positive changes to their health through reduced premiums.


Simple targets, agreed savings

When your clients apply for Managed Life, The Exeter give them a simple target – an improved HbA1c reading for type 2 diabetics or a reduced weight for clients with a high BMI.

When they hit this target at policy anniversary, The Exeter will reduce their premiums. Premiums can also increase if your client’s condition worsens – encouraging positive management of their health.

The key to Managed Life is that targets don’t change. The Exeter make it clear at outset how future premium savings can be achieved and won’t change the goalposts as you client’s health changes.


New! Managed Life BMI Calculator

Find out which of your clients could benefit from Managed Life – keep a handy BMI calculator on your desk with The Exeter’s new BMI wheel. Email to order yours today.


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