Why wait for an appointment when you don’t have to?

The NHS is a wonderful thing, but the downside is you have to be prepared to play the waiting game…at the risk of your own health.

GPs have been under added pressure not to refer too many patients, resulting in more people visiting A&E for answers. Of those referred to a cancer specialist, a late diagnosis has been seen to reduce survival rates1.

The recent BBC study found 18% of hospitals failed to treat patients in time, and some didn’t hit a single target for a whole year. This included waiting times within A&E, and for cancer and routine operations2.

At The Exeter, our focus is helping our Health+ customers get the fastest possible diagnosis and the best possible treatment, with instant access to medical advice and treatments, and provide expert care when its needed most.

Tailor-made private healthcare

Our private healthcare features exceptional core cover with simple benefit add-ons and policy choices, giving the flexibility to build the perfect healthcare for your client.

Features include:

  • Unlimited in-patient and day patient treatment
  • Complete cancer cover
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Home nursing
  • Free access to HealthWise – our self-care app.

Immediate advice through HealthWise

The Exeter understands that time is precious, and we have created our self-care app HealthWise to take the wait away. With advice and guidance available 24/7, and the facility to book a digital consultation, you no longer need to wait for appointments.

This offers:

  • UK-based GP’s on demand
  • Physiotherapy
  • Second medical advice
  • Counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy.

To find out more and to begin working with an award-winning insurer, why not organise a webinar or meeting with The Exeter sales team on 0300 123 3207 or email us at sales@the-exeter.com

1 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-46349989

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