VitalityLife have developed a wide range of tools designed to make doing business with them even easier whilst supporting your sales conversation with clients.

Knowing what your clients might face in the future allows them to better protect themselves and their businesses. Why not try out the VitalityLife Risk Calculator with your clients to ensure they have the right protection for their needs.

Unlike typical critical illness cover, VitalityLife’s award-winning Serious Illness Cover pays out on a severity based approach which helps to better reflect the impact that an illness has on your client’s lifestyle. Although this doesn’t help when it comes to comparing Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover against other providers Critical Illness Cover. Why not try Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover Comparison Tool to help you.

Employer’s sick pay schemes don’t always meet the needs of their employee’s lifestyle. This is where Income Protection can help to bridge that gap. VitalityLife’s simple Dual Deferred Period Calculator enables you to work out the maximum benefit amount that you’re able to select based on your client’s sick pay scheme.

Visit Vitality’s adviser tools webpage to discover the full range of online tools and literature.