The international private medical insurance (IPMI) division of APRIL Group, APRIL International Care, has launched MyHealth France, a policy designed to meet the needs of expats living in France both pre and post Brexit.

Expats can use it to cover top-up expenses not typically covered by the basic French social system, such as the cost of a private room in hospitals, as well as optical and dental services.

Offering a modular structure with five levels of cover to enable residents to pick their own level of protection, no age limit applies and no restrictions apply where pre-existing conditions exists.

“This new policy will give considerable comfort and reassurance to UK and other nationals living in France, whilst Brexit negotiations continue,” said Joe Thomas, April International UK, managing director. “Healthcare insurance and healthcare costs in general have emerged as a major concern for all foreign nationals living in France, particularly UK nationals, so this solution should provide a clear way forward.”

Administered in English, the MyHealth France policy includes a direct settlement network for medical expenses of 156,000 healthcare professionals within France when treatment is required and is taken out on an individual basis, with premiums set according to age. It also offers 90 days of temporary cover when outside of France and the medical costs reimbursed depends on the level of cover and is paid after French social security contribution.

Currently there are 1.3m expats living in France across all nationalities, and this figure is expected to rise to 1.5m within the next two years – UK nationals, which account for 150,000, make up the largest single foreign nationality.