Going above and beyond for your clients.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, so we wanted to remind you what support we have available to your clients.

With all our income protection contracts, we offer our ‘Friendly Voice’ service. It’s a free and confidential service provided by RedArc, available to your clients and their spouse.

Here’s how it works; Whenever your clients need help, support from a Nurse is only a phone call away.

A Personal Nurse Adviser will be available to speak with your client and provide information and support for as long as it is needed, including Mental Health Services.

They can also arrange additional services, such as a second medical opinion, a course of counselling, therapies and home visits.

Our ‘Friendly Voice’ service is available to all new and existing  clients and it is available regardless of whether or not they are claiming on their income protection contract.

We are always here for your clients and to support their Mental Health and general wellbeing.

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